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Ode to the Universe ( a Doctor Who dressing room )
a born non-conformist, even among outlaws 
2nd-Sep-2009 09:41 am
☆ a little awkward
Another of the Doctor's attempts to return Tegan to Heathrow Airport had found the TARDIS on a bazaar planet, almost entirely covered in stalls selling everything imaginable. Or at least that was what the Doctor had claimed. Two hours later, and Adric couldn't help but feel as though he was looking at the same stalls over and over again. Most of which were selling stones, and nice as they were to look at, Adric found the idea of selling stones more than a little silly. The girls had split off from them, leaving Adric and the Doctor to look around by themselves. Adric wondered whether they'd managed to find anything, or if they were just as bored of this planet as he was.

"I just don't understand why we have to spend so long here," Adric sighed, stuffing his hands sullenly into his pocket. He turned to where the Doctor had been standing, only to find him gone. He'd wandered off, no doubt, typically leaving Adric to his own devices. "Doctor?" he called out, just in case he was close by, and he'd just missed him in the crowds. He wasn't, and so Adric shook his head, turning back to the stall.

At least this gave him a chance to explore. Perhaps he'd find something more interesting. He certainly hoped so, anyway. He glanced up at the stall keeper, and seeing that his back was turned, Adric took the opportunity to swipe a glowing, dodger blue stone from near the front of the display.

Pocketing it, Adric turned his back, heading off to find a stall more to his taste. He knew the Doctor would probably be annoyed if he found out he'd pinched something again, but why would anyone pay for a stone, anyway? Anyone could get them for free if they wanted, and easily as well.

ooc: I generally play Adric's timeline pretty flexibly, but for the sake of argument, let's say he's between The Visitation and Black Orchid.
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