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Ode to the Universe ( a Doctor Who dressing room )
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22nd-Jun-2010 04:00 am(no subject)
 The Master exited the TARDIS, by now sort of fallen into the way that the Doctor's life went, and completely ready to insult whatever new world the obsolete machine had landed them on this time... only to be confronted, yet again, by Earth.  Which, admittedly, could not turn out well.  People knew this face of his on Earth, during the era it seemed to be.  You can't just turn up and rule as an outsider when everyone knew who you were.

Perhaps worse was the fact that, from what he could tell, neither the Doctor nor the human he'd taken to dragging around after him this time around were following him out of the... now completely unresponsive TARDIS.  

Now more thankful than ever that he'd found a replacement suit to wear instead of the street clothes he'd found when resurrected (except the boots - the boots came in very useful, he'd found) he resisted the urge to pump extremely loud music straight into his ears to combat the increasingly deafening silence in his head.

He started to wander around.  After all, there could be something useful in the place.

(OOC: AU Master taken from post- The Lodger and pre- Pandorica.  No drums, travels with Doctor Eleven, but is still very much the Master.  Please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong DR-wise.)
6th-Mar-2010 12:26 am - Broken steering
Somehow, some part of her had expected it to be easy, once that other Doctor had done whatever he'd done. Once he'd brought the TARDIS back from the brink of death, handed her the reigns and set her off to 'do the universe a favor', she'd actually thought the hard part would be finding a way to her Doctor.

She supposed she'd overestimated the bonding time she'd had with the TARDIS in the years since the Doctor'd gone. Or maybe she'd only underestimated all the calculations he had to make, and the TARDIS couldn't compensate any more than she already was. Whatever the reason, she'd have to learn to fly in a reasonably straight line before she could even attempt to help anyone.

And now the TARDIS wouldn't re-engage. Brilliant.

Rose sighed, as she peered out through the TARDIS doors. "The least he could've done was give me...a GPS or somethin'."

[OOC: AU Rose positing that the Doctor was trapped instead, and that there are multiple versions of the Doctor throughout the multiverse, not all following the same moral compass. At one point, she led TW 1 in her universe, but no longer.]
[Set in the time between The Last of the Time Lords and the Christmas specials]

Lucy sat on the lawn of her father's house and sipped pimms with cucumber threw a straw. It was pinky coloured and the green set off nicely with a country feel one could never imagine in the city. She crossed her legs in her white muslin dress, pushing her blonde hair back behind an ear.

This was the life. Nothing could bother her now.

Lucy blinked and slowly opned her eyes.

Her prison cell was still there after all. She sighed and began counting the bricks again. She wondered when visiting time would be, her question was answered by a knock on the door. She would have 2 hours to see anyone who cared enough to visit her in this hole. Two whole hours to hold stare out of the window whilst others looked at her wondering what she was in for. Since everyone had forgotten the year where she was queen of earth, she had been accused of murder. The murders of Vivian Rook and Harold Saxon, funny really. She sighed to herself, waiting to be led out to her table.
☆ a little awkward
Another of the Doctor's attempts to return Tegan to Heathrow Airport had found the TARDIS on a bazaar planet, almost entirely covered in stalls selling everything imaginable. Or at least that was what the Doctor had claimed. Two hours later, and Adric couldn't help but feel as though he was looking at the same stalls over and over again. Most of which were selling stones, and nice as they were to look at, Adric found the idea of selling stones more than a little silly. The girls had split off from them, leaving Adric and the Doctor to look around by themselves. Adric wondered whether they'd managed to find anything, or if they were just as bored of this planet as he was.

"I just don't understand why we have to spend so long here," Adric sighed, stuffing his hands sullenly into his pocket. He turned to where the Doctor had been standing, only to find him gone. He'd wandered off, no doubt, typically leaving Adric to his own devices. "Doctor?" he called out, just in case he was close by, and he'd just missed him in the crowds. He wasn't, and so Adric shook his head, turning back to the stall.

At least this gave him a chance to explore. Perhaps he'd find something more interesting. He certainly hoped so, anyway. He glanced up at the stall keeper, and seeing that his back was turned, Adric took the opportunity to swipe a glowing, dodger blue stone from near the front of the display.

Pocketing it, Adric turned his back, heading off to find a stall more to his taste. He knew the Doctor would probably be annoyed if he found out he'd pinched something again, but why would anyone pay for a stone, anyway? Anyone could get them for free if they wanted, and easily as well.

ooc: I generally play Adric's timeline pretty flexibly, but for the sake of argument, let's say he's between The Visitation and Black Orchid.
2nd-Sep-2009 01:02 am - Have another Rose
One look says it all
[Typist note: This is a series 4 Rose somewhere in the middle of the series.]

It took some time for her to get to her feet but when she did and dusted off her black trousers to really look around she frowned with an arched brow. Out of all the new places to find herself in it had to be a forest this time. Usually the landings were in more modern places like cities. Not in full blown nature. Maybe this wasn’t even an Earth for once. And as she glanced up at the night sky to see the stars out among the transparent clouds that passed maybe it was. Always hard to tell.

One glance at the circular device in her hand before she pocketed it back in her blue leather bomber zip jacket. "Right then. Suppose a bit of exploring is in order." she said to herself as she started to walk not really knowing where she was going.
1st-Sep-2009 07:45 pm - Hey, Ho Captain Jack!
*((see comment left on 'Rose's' entry for intro; this immediately follows; This is Happy!Jack Harkness! as we know him, pre-CoE.))

After finally finding a waitress in this place, I decide to order coffee instead of water. Boy, what a big mistake. It's got absolutely nothin' on Ianto's magic java. I look at the present company at the table and manage another sip of bad diner coffee.
"So...Anybody up for rustling up a little bit of trouble in this town?" *wink*
31st-Aug-2009 09:27 pm - [1]

[ Rose is sitting in a restaurant, eating chips all by her lonesome. Quickly, someone interrupt her and say hello! ]

( timeline for this Rose: post-Fear Her but pre-Army of Ghosts. )
31st-Aug-2009 07:02 pm(no subject)

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